What is this newsletter about?

This newsletter is about self-improvement through creative storytelling. The stories will all be centered around connection - both with others and with yourself.

This newsletter was borne from the realization that many self-improvement articles make personal growth feel like work instead of fun. And in life, everything should be fun!

I hope to write great stories that make you laugh, cry, and most importantly — feel inspired. The stories can be in the form of a parable, a personal story, or a “choose-your-own-adventure” story. As you read it, I want you to feel like you are having a great conversation with a close friend. If you gain no new insights from it, you should at least have had a lot of fun reading it.

Why subscribe?

One word - connection.

My intention with this newsletter isn’t just to share stories but also to build a community of like-minded people from around the world who crave authentic and meaningful connections in their life. I will do this by facilitating live sessions with other subscribers and by creating a Facebook group where they can meet and interact with each other.

My main inspiration for creating this newsletter has been that many of my readers on Medium.com have reached out to me personally and asked that I start this newsletter. My hope is to bring all these wonderful people (and hopefully, you) together. Let’s create a space to discover, listen, be heard, and play.

I also want to help you connect better with yourself. I will share quotes and introspective questions to help you explore your self-talk, your relationship with loneliness, your fears, and your bliss.

To find out more about me, read the section below or go here.

To read more of my writing, check out my Medium writing here.

Who writes this?

Here is a random assortment of facts about me to help you connect better with my writing. Reach out if you relate to any of them! For a more comprehensive list description, go here.

  • I’m an avid self-experimenter. I experiment with everything — food, sleep, my relationship with others, my relationship with myself, and with optimizing life.

  • I have read twice a day every day (when I wake up and when I fall asleep) for as long as I remember.

  • Rock climbing is a big part of my life. It is the way I grow, connect, and play.

  • Speaking of play — I believe play should be present in your life all day, every day.

  • I’ve always been nomadic. I’ve been an immigrant twice over (once in Australia) and now in the US and lived in dozens of cities in between. I’m currently in Boulder, Colorado in the US. If you read enough of my writing, you’ll find out where I’m actually from 😉.

  • My favorite thing about myself is that I am my own best friend.

  • I used to be a geneticist, then an engineer. Now, I fix problematic engineering projects for a large multi-national company for a living. It’s great. I get paid to analyze data, solve puzzles, and listen. It’s the best training in human dynamics ever. I write on Medium for fun.

Will you join me?

I don’t know what the journey will be like, but I know it will be fun. Join me!


email: maeyalily@gmail.com