How to Change Someone's Life in Less Than 10 Minutes

No, it doesn't require knowing them for years or large sums of money.

Hi friends,

This post is dedicated to some very special people who have changed my life in more ways than they probably realize - and I’ve never had the chance to tell them how much it means to me.

We often make the mistake of thinking that we can’t significantly influence anyone’s lives unless we have known them forever or are willing to invest large amounts of time or money. Yet, each of these people has transformed my life with gestures that took less than 10 minutes.

The first person is Steve H. from Boulder, Colorado. Steve was my first ever subscriber and a total stranger when he first showed genuine interest in my writing. You are reading this post (or any post) now because of him. To say writing publicly has altered my life would be an understatement. It has taught me so much about myself and created a multitude of new opportunities and connections. So, thank you, Steve, for giving me the confidence I needed to start and for continuing to open my emails.

The next person is Scott S. from the UK. Scott has changed my life simply by how consistent he is with his encouragement of my work. Watching the way he asks questions and actively listens has also forever improved the way I interact with people. Thank you, Scott, for making the whole journey so damn fun. I’m always in awe of how instant our friendship was and how genuine the connection continues to be. If I end my writing journey tomorrow, it would have all been worth it to have you be a part of my life.

Finally, there is Douggie from Canada. Doug prints out my articles, asks inquisitive questions about them and makes me laugh with his quirky feedback. Doug is the first person to make me believe that every article I write could have an impact on someone’s life. So, thank you for that, Dougie. But most of all, thank you for always checking in when I haven’t written for a while - for missing my writing. You are the conscience that reminds me to write because I know that if I don’t - I’ll be letting you down.

Every day, there are people just doing their thing, being their wonderful selves, and changing lives without ever knowing it. You can, too (and maybe already have). It takes less effort than you think to do something that someone will remember forever.

As I was reflecting on my life one day, I wrote down all the simple gestures that people did for me that have stayed with me forever in an article. I hope you will read this article and be on the lookout for how you can be a big part of someone’s journey.

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P.S. For all my quiet heroes out there who open almost all my emails, you’ll be getting a special gift from me soon. Yes, I can see you and you’re slowly changing my life, too. Stay tuned!

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