This Scientist Wants to Prescribe Masturbation as Medication

Her research shows that orgasms can even induce mystical experiences the way psychedelics can.

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You may not know this about me but I grew up in a very traditional household where sex and all things related to sexuality was a taboo conversation. However, not being able to talk about it has never stopped me from being curious about it.

As I got older, it became abundantly clear that sex and our sexuality exist for so many more reasons other than procreation. Between the hypersexualization shown in commercials and the puritan beliefs of my parents, I knew there had to be more, or at least, something in between.

As I dug deeper, I discovered the sex is revered in certain ancient traditions for connection, healing, and as a path to spirituality but there were so many unanswered questions like - like why do we orgasm? And why does sex still feel so good beyond our procreating years?

As a former scientist, my data-driven brain was drawn to the research of Dr. Nicole Prause, who studies the actual physiological responses of someone’s body to sexual arousal and orgasms. She looked at what was happening in our genitals, our brains, and our biochemical profile to try to answer an important question - do sexual arousal and orgasms offer health benefits that could replace prescription drugs? And her results have been surprising, to say the least.

If you are an adult living in the USA, there’s over a 50% chance that you are on prescription medication of some kind. What if someone told you that there was something 100% free that you can administer all by yourself? What’s more, it had no nasty side effects, and mastering it can even provide mystical experiences that are on par with psychedelic experiences? Yes, this was a real study.

I personally think that we should all have less shame around the topic of sex and explore all its benefits to our health and emotional wellbeing as we can. Join me in opening up this conversation. Here is an article I wrote about Dr. Prause’s research if you’re interested in learning more.

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“The biggest misconception about sex is that using sex to feel better is unhealthy” — Dr. Nicole Prause.