Why You Keep Getting Friendzoned and How to Fix It

Sometimes it’s them, but mostly it’s probably you.

Hi friends,

Since I started writing about relationships, I’ve been getting the same question a lot in various guises. “Everyone likes me but just not that way. Why is that?” or “I meet a lot of people but I just can’t seem to get them to see me as a romantic partner,” or “What should I do or say to make a first date romantic? I always have great conversations but it never becomes romantic.”

My friend, Ian has spent his entire life being friendzoned. He is handsome, athletic, outgoing, and sweet. He meets women all the time who happily go on dates with him, yet he’s never found one who wants to commit to dating him. I know this because I was one of them.

Ian would always joke, “I guess I’m just not attractive enough.”

That is simply not true. I met many of the women who friendzoned him. Ironically, we all become friends with him and each other after dating him. So, I had a chance to hear their side of the story as well. Here’s an important point - it wasn’t who he is that was causing him to be friendzoned, it was what he was doing. Most of them (including me) would have dated him if the vibe had been different.

Since there was so much interest in this topic of being frienzoned, I started asking all my friends and readers for their stories and why they friendzoned people and I’ve compiled the most common answers into this handy article for you.

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