You May Have A Secret Dating Superpower

Read this before you kill yourself trying to get 6-pack abs

Hi friends!

I was listening to a friend of mine whom I adore telling me about a woman who broke his heart recently. Let me rephrase..she trampled on his heart. He was talking about how hard he had tried for her and how he wanted to win her back. He would work out more and try to get a better job.

While I don’t agree with his choices in women, I think he is an absolutely amazing person and I wish that he could see that, too. I wish he would stop pouring his energy into things that didn’t align with his goals just to be with her.

While it may be a great idea to pursue a stronger body or a better career - always do it for yourself, not to impress someone else. If that’s what they value most about you, they won’t make a good partner anyway.

In this same week, I’ve had a few readers write to me about how they don’t think they’re very dateable since they don’t make a lot of money, are shy, and/or not very attractive. After reading a few emails from them, I find that I enjoy their kindness and their interesting views of the world. I can see how thoughtful, intelligent, and funny they are.

So, for all my friends and readers that I adore - I wrote an article for you. It’s all the things I appreciate about you and the things that the “right” person for you should, too. Embrace your superpowers and wear them proudly. Know your worth and that what you can bring to the relationship is far more important than wealth, success, or looks.

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If you believe you have one of these superpowers or others that I haven’t mentioned, I’d love to hear about them! Simply hit reply on this email and let me know!